Thea Ann Malacad / Licensed Medical Technologist / Drug Analyst

Hi, I’m Thea Ann Malacad, a licensed drug analyst and medical technologist with 10 years of medical industry working experience in the Philippines and the Middle East

Age: 33
Hometown: Eastern Samar
Current City: Cebu City
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

I’ve worked as a generalist and have been assigned to different laboratory departments. My previous job as a Clinical Applications Specialist also trained me to troubleshoot laboratory machine errors that is a common problem that greatly affects the productivity of most laboratories.

Medical Technology Experience

Overall Skills & Experience

Have been consistently commended for timely and high quality completion. A team player who can work under less supervision and is highly trainable. 

Medical Technology

Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, clinical microscopy, serology, blood bank, chemistry and bacteriology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.


Performed numerous laboratory tests according to lab standard operating procedures, isolated and identified infectious disease-causing organism.

Clinical Chemistry & Drug Analysis

Besides the routine lab activities I have improved my experience in Clinical Chemistry and skills in Calibration, standardization and maintain instruments following established procedures


10 years of experience in Hematology for laboratories and hospitals, working manually and with automated systems.

Clinical Microscopy

Have done analysis and examinations on body fluids, involving urinalysis and fecalysis. Well-versed with manual and automated proedures.

Serology & Immunology

Part of my generalist role in hospital laboratory setting, I have also performed routine tests and analyzed the immune system’s various reactions and disorders.


Mycology & Virology

Performed examinations on Hepatitis, HIV, Malaria and other viral infections using manual and automated processes.



Have worked and prepared microscopic human tissue samples for patient diagnosis in a hospital laboratory.



Based on my experience in serology, virology and hematology, I have been chosen as a research Medtech for Dengue vaccine studies.


“I can state with confidence that she is a motivated and responsible person with a high degree of integrity.

I feel that she is suitable working in all sections in the laboratory. She proved us right, and she has become an important, effective part of the team. Miss Malacad takes the initiative to identify problems and thru strong communication skills to her workmates they have effectively solved any problems. She has shown that she not only has these skills, but that she also has the ability to inspire respect and cooperation in teammates.

Head of Microbiology,
Arrawdha General Hospital

Passion for Medical Technology

Wide Experience

Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, clinical microscopy, serology, blood bank, hormones and bacteriology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.


Consistently commended for timely high quality completion of both routine and special laboratory assays of patients specimens

Attention to Detail

Ensured tests result validity before recording/reporting results earning a reputation for meticulous attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

What laboratory section(s) do you have most experience in?

In terms of hours rendered, I have the most experience in Microbiology and Clinical Chemistry and can confidently say that these are my forte.

Do you consider yourself to be capable of being a generalist?

I consider myself to be capable of working in any department. I have worked years in rotation across several sections such as: phlebotomy, hematology, serology, blood banking, microscopy and histology.

Are you willing to be assigned to any location or work mobile?

Yes, I am flexible and can work in any location I am assigned. I am also open to working opportunities that require me to work in a mobile setting.

Are you a licensed drug analyst?

I am a licensed Drug Analyst trained by the National Reference Laboratory body with active license # APSDTL-181177

Are you physically capable to be assigned to any shift?

Yes, I am flexible and can work on any shift assigned to me.

Can you troubleshoot common machine problems that hamper laboratory productivity?

Yes, my experience as a Clinical Applications Specialist allowed me to troubleshoot different systems and fix common machine errors. I am very proficient with Mindray, Abbott, Cobas, Architect, Samsung, Biobase, Erba, MTC Envitro and Urised.

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